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ChildFund Australia

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Briefing paper

Can the consent model improve the digital world, especially for young people?

This briefing paper emerges from an expert roundtable discussion about the capacity of the consent model to improve the digital world. It was prompted by discussions emerging from the Privacy Act Review, and international policy moves towards using ‘consent mechanisms’ to deny young people’s access...

How outdated approaches to regulation harm children and young people and why Australia urgently needs to pivot

This report argues that Australia’s reliance on co-regulatory frameworks that are currently being developed for children’s online safety could see Australia continue to fail children online. It recommends that the reliance on co-regulation for the technology sector be replaced by the introduction of proper, regulator-drafted...

Unseen, unsafe: the underinvestment in ending violence against children in the Pacific and Timor-Leste

Violence against children is at endemic levels across Pacific island nations and Timor-Leste. Millions of children experience exceptionally high levels of physical, emotional and sexual violence, as well as neglect.