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Department of Environment and Natural Resources (NT)


Northern Territory Offsets Policy: draft for consultation

The purpose of this policy is to ensure that economic development continues, while environmental values are protected in the long term. Together with associated guidelines, this policy creates an overarching framework for offset assessment and decision-making in the NT, and provides certainty and transparency for...

Lhere Mparntwe management strategy 2019

The Lhere Mparntwe Management Strategy 2019 aims to manage the Todd and Charles Rivers in a coordinated and collaborative way to ensure that they are ecologically healthy and widely recognised as iconic symbols of Alice Springs with tangible cultural, environmental, social and economic values.

Bushfires NT: volunteer strategy 2019-2022

The Bushfires NT volunteer strategy 2019-2022 seeks to develop and enhance volunteer programs, align goals and provide future direction for Bushfires NT and volunteer bushfire brigades.

Coastal and marine management strategy Northern Territory 2019-2029

This strategy document has been prepared to safeguard the health and viability of the Northern Territory coast and seas. It aims to support the use of coastal and marine areas by Territorians and visitors for recreational and cultural purposes, and to foster sustainable industry for...
Discussion paper

Coastal and marine management Northern Territory: discussion paper

The NT Government is committed to developing and implementing a Coastal and Marine Management Strategy that will ensure the health and viability of our coast and seas.

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