The Northern Territory has an extensive coastline and diverse marine environments. These relatively undisturbed environments are unique, both nationally and globally. The seas and coasts are enormously important to all Territorians, as a source of economic benefit, for recreation, for the maintenance of customary practices and local Aboriginal community livelihoods, and as an integral part of our identity and lifestyle.

With increasing levels of competition for, and pressures on, our coastal and marine resources, a strategic approach to managing the multiple interests has never been more important to the Northern Territory than it is now. Maintaining healthy coastal and marine environments, while embracing new economic opportunities and ensuring sustainable development and use by all Territorians, requires careful planning incorporating the best available science, a collaborative approach, and a sense of shared responsibility.

The Northern Territory Coastal and Marine Management Strategy (the Strategy) outlines the vision for managing our coasts and seas, the broader environmental, economic and social objectives that managers must achieve, as well as a way to plan, prioritise and invest in management initiatives.

The Strategy has been developed with assistance and contributions by a broad crosssection of Territorians representing government (Territory and local), land councils, industry, conservation, recreation, academia and natural resource management.

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