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Addressing complex and cross-boundary challenges in government: the value of strategy mapping

Other authors
Bill Barberg, Anne Carroll, Colin Eden, Bert George, Jose J. Gonzalez, Jessica Rochester, Laure Vandersmissen, Bishoy Zaki
This report builds on the IBM Center’s long-standing research into leveraging new tools and approaches to governance that better position government agencies to address complex challenges that cross or transcend traditional agency boundaries. The report provides practical recommendations on how governments can work with each...

Charting the course to tomorrow’s trusted digital services

This report focuses on how leaders in Australia are adapting their approach to delivering services effectively and efficiently, in a fashion that leverages digital technology and builds public trust. The report draws on the findings of an expert roundtable with senior leaders from a variety...

Human-centricity in digital delivery: enhancing agile governance

This report makes recommendations to help governments to work together, and with external partners, to build competencies for redesigning public services in a way that benefits the users of those services.

Accelerating government innovation with leadership and stimulus funding

This report explores various ways that executives can leverage stimulus funding to incentivise success across multiple innovation and data roles, and drive forward work from those roles into digital service development and delivery. The author also develops a framework with specific recommendations for how leaders...

Collaborative networks: the next frontier in data driven management

This report aims to provide guidance on how governments can work with each other and with partners to address complex, boundary-spanning problems such as poverty, homelessness, hunger and climate change, by bringing together organisations to address complex client needs that could not be served by...