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Red and beige tape: is regulation a dead weight on the economy?

Adam Beaumont talks with Chris Webb, Executive Director Regulatory Practice and Strategy at the Environment Protection Authority (EPA), Victoria about how we define red tape when talking about regulation and the concept of beige tape.

Regulatory strategy: 2020-2025 draft

Informed and directed by the EPA’s organisational strategy 'Our environment, Our health', this draft strategy explains how the EPA will successfully tackle current strategic challenges in Victoria and in doing so, sets the direction and intent of their regulatory effort.

Compliance and enforcement: draft policy

This draft policy covers the Victorian EPA’s compliance and enforcement approaches for supporting and directing compliance as well as the EPA’s principles and criteria for decision-making, including the consideration of risk, and behaviour and motivations for compliance.

Stony Creek rehabilitation plan 2019 – 2029

This plan aims to restore, enhance and protect the condition of Stony Creek and its surrounding environment into the future.

Our environment, our health: building our future together

Clean air, water and land are essential to the health and lifestyle of every Victorian and the environment. Our enjoyment of good quality of life is reliant on minimal disturbance from noise and odour. This strategy outlines how the EPA(Vic) will ensure Victoria continues to...