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Discussion paper

Digitalisation of conformance and accreditation processes

This paper discusses the challenges to global supply chains in the absence of a standardised framework for the digitalisation of conformance and accreditation processes - including the necessary information architecture and common language to identify, capture and share data of relevance to national product conformance.

Australia's long-term emissions reduction plan

This strategy document outlines the Australian government's plan to achieve net zero emissions by 2050.

Future fuels and vehicles strategy

This strategy is the Australian government’s technology-led approach to reducing emissions in the transport sector. Under this strategy, the government will work with the private sector to increase the uptake of hybrid, hydrogen, electric and bio-fuelled vehicles.
Discussion paper

A hydrogen Guarantee of Origin scheme for Australia: discussion paper

The establishment of a hydrogen Guarantee of Origin (GO), or certification scheme, is a priority action under Australia’s national hydrogen strategy. This paper outlines methodologies for guaranteeing the origin of clean hydrogen from three main production pathways: electrolysis, coal gasification with carbon capture and storage...

Australia's AI action plan

This action plan sets out a vision for Australia to be a global leader in developing and adopting trusted, secure and responsible artificial intelligence.