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Northern Australia aquaculture industry situational analysis project

The objective of this analysis project is to identify key challenges and opportunities facing the northern Australian aquaculture sector, and to explore potential solutions and identify the most strategic research projects for further investment.
Discussion paper

Technology investment roadmap discussion paper

A key goal of this roadmap is to ensure Australia remains at the forefront of the global low emissions technological innovation.

Report of the expert panel examining additional sources of low cost abatement

The recommendations outlined in this report are intended to help Australia exceed its current international commitments and create a pathway for ongoing emissions reductions beyond 2030 to meet future commitments under the Paris Agreement.

Stimulating business investment in innovation

This report makes four strategic recommendations and also provides examples of government and industry led initiatives that might be considered to stimulate increased investment in innovation to boost business productivity, increase business revenue and deliver more jobs.

The national blockchain roadmap: progressing towards a blockchain-empowered future

Australia is home to a number of world-first blockchain applications. Combining blockchain technology with other technologies can add economic value to a range of business sectors. This document outlines a strategy for governments, industry and researchers to capitalise on opportunities and address challenges. It also...