Positive Life NSW


2022 Emerging issues: Community Consultation and Engagement Forum report

This report highlights that despite the impacts of the COVID pandemic on the lives of people living with HIV in NSW, there remains a resilience within the community and a strong desire to seek out options to move towards improving their quality of life.

s100 Survey report: HIV antiretroviral (ART) co-payment initiative

In October 2015, the NSW government enacted its pre-election commitment to waive the PBS co-payment for s100 HIV medications in NSW. This report describes respondents' experiences of the co-payment waiver.

People living with HIV accessing NSW aged care services

This consultation was the first in Australia to investigate People Living With HIV/AIDS (PLHIV) uptake of and satisfaction with aged care services. It also investigated attitudes to aged care and whether Australian PLHIV believed the aged care service system can meet their particular care needs.

Trans and gender diverse people health and social needs assessment: a community survey

This survey aimed to document the current realities of the health and social needs of trans and gender diverse (TGD) people in Australia. This report outlines the findings.

HIV and Ageing Forum: community engagement and consultation report

In 2019, Positive Life NSW consulted with all people living with HIV in NSW, their partners, friends and family affected by HIV on the multiple issues and impacts of HIV and ageing. This report summaries the findings from the consultations.