The demographics associated with People Living With HIV/AIDS (PLHIV) are expected to change substantially over the coming years. It's predicted that by 2020, nearly half (44.3%) of the PLHIV population will be over 55 years of age. This report explores the current and future health care and support needs of PLHIV, both in NSW and around Australia. Participants included PLHIV, their caregivers, partners and family/ friends, as well as HIV service providers who reside in and operate within Australia.


  1. Mandatory education and awareness training for aged care services
  2. Clinical management of HIV, multimorbidity, and polypharmacy
  3. Re-evaluating aged care service eligibility restrictions for PLHIV with physical functional limitations and clinical indicators, who are aged less than 65 years
  4. PLHIV with HIV-associated neurological disorder (HAND) and HIV-associated dementia (HAD)
  5. Aged care for PLHIV in regional, rural, and remote Australia
  6. Improving access to and uptake of aged care services
  7. Increase funding for home-based support services
  8. Future funding patterns
  9. The role of community organisations
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