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In 2012/13, the New South Wales Government developed one of the most ambitious HIV strategies in the world.

The Strategy visioned a virtual end of new HIV transmissions, and backed in this bold public health goal through enlivening partnership, investing in technologies and staying the course.

In 2018, NSW recorded the lowest rate of new HIV notifications since 1985. This important milestone invites us to celebrate the successes of Australia’s world-leading HIV responses, reflect on how far we have come and acknowledge the contributions of so many in our communities who have fought so hard to achieve these results.

From a time in the 1980’s and early 1990’s, when little was known about a new disease that would take the lives of thousands, to the current era of highly effective treatment and prevention methods, our communities have been at the forefront of HIV responses, caring for each other and shaping public policies.

Because of that inspired collective audacity, we are now able to cast our eyes to 2030.

This paper is an invitation to be part of a conversation about the kind of future we want for our communities, and how to make it happen.

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