Senate Education and Employment References Committee


Jobactive: failing those it is intended to serve

This report is the result of the Inquiry into the appropriateness and effectiveness of the objectives, design, implementation and evaluation of the Australian public employment service, jobactive.

The people behind 000: mental health of our first responders

This report outlines findings from the inquiry into the role of Commonwealth, state and territory governments in addressing the high rates of mental health conditions experienced by first responders, emergency service workers and volunteers in Australia.

Wage theft? What wage theft?!

This report recommends that the federal gvernment take immediate steps to protect vulnerable workers subject to wage theft and exploitation by companies who continue to operate with impunity.

They never came home—the framework surrounding the prevention, investigation and prosecution of industrial deaths in Australia

The human impact of an industrial death is catastrophic and far-reaching. For the families and friends of those individuals killed at work, the terrible and profound human cost and associated consequences they must suffer is lifelong.

Work health and safety of workers in the offshore petroleum industry

This report recognises that an effective work health and safety (WHS) regime, which promotes continuous improvement of safety performance, is a vital contributor to the future success of the offshore petroleum industry.