Algorithm charter for Aotearoa New Zealand

This Charter is a commitment by government agencies to carefully manage how algorithms will be used to strike the right balance between privacy and transparency, prevent unintended bias and reflect the principles of the Treaty of Waitangi.

Our marine environment 2019

This report examines the most pressing issues concerning New Zealand's oceans, seas, coastlines and estuaries.
Policy report

Algorithm charter

The Minister of Statistics has launched a draft Algorithm charter that commits government agencies to improving transparency and accountability in their use of algorithms over the next five years. This is a response to the recommendations from the Algorithm assessment report in 2018.

Report of the Independent Review of New Zealand’s 2018 Census

As this report highlights, the 2018 Census represented a significant change from its predecessor in 2013. This change was consistent with international developments and the public-sector focus on digital services, and aligned with Statistics NZ’s long-term census transformation strategy.

Environmental economic accounts: 2019 (data to 2017)

This report presents the relationships between the environment and the economy, and the stocks, and changes in stocks, of New Zealand's natural resources.