Wesley Mission


Perceptions of homelessness in Australia: how to make our compassion count

This report contains the findings from an omnibus study conducted on behalf of Wesley Mission of what Australians' perception is of homelessness, its causes and the solutions to end homelessness, and our recommendations.

2015 Wesley report: facing financial stress

Overview: This Wesley report sheds new light on the impact financial stress is having on individuals and families in New South Wales. While Australia has benefited from a strong economy since the Global Financial Crisis (GFC), it seems the afterglow of the resources boom has...

2013 Wesley report: homelessness and the next generation

This report looks at the immediate and long-term issues facing homeless mothers, their children and those who experienced homelessness as a child. Conducted through an in depth review of existing studies, a series of qualitative interviews with Wesley Mission clients and a policy and practice...

Give kids a chance: Seeing a better future with mentoring

When children grow up in disadvantaged homes, they come to believe that the unacceptable is the norm. Like dad rarely turning up for his weekly visits; or eating cereal for dinner because there’s no other food; and having to look after your younger siblings because...

More than a bed: Sydney's homeless speak out

This report examines the causes of homelessness and the reasons why people remain homeless. It is based on interviews with some of the most marginalised in our community, who were asked about the factors that had driven them to homelessness and what measures would improve...