Australian Healthcare and Hospitals Association (AHHA)

Position paper

Australian healthcare after COVID-19: an opportunity to think differently

Through this position paper, the Australian Healthcare and Hospitals Association argues that as Australia moves toward a post-COVID world, identifying the changes that are needed to form the foundation of a modern, sustainable and resilient healthcare system, focussed on health outcomes and capable of absorbing...
Position paper

The effective and sustainable adoption of virtual health care

As part of the COVID-19 response, the Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) was extended to support the wide-scale provision of health care by telehealth. With Australians more open to using technology in health care, this has led to optimism across the sector that there will be...

Australian election 2019: health policy assessment

This resource outlines the AHHA and other health sector leaders' analyses of the health policies of the major national political parties, to raise awareness of and encourage debate on health policy, as well as to educate health policy decision-makers and the health sector.

Healthy people, healthy systems: strategies for outcomes-focused and value-based healthcare

To achieve a healthy Australia supported by the best possible healthcare system, the AHHA recommends that Australia re-orientate the healthcare system over the next ten years by enabling outcomes-focused and value-based healthcare.

Toward better implementation: Australia's My Health Record

A well implemented and fully utilised electronic health record system should strengthen a health system by improving quality and safety, ensuring continuity of care and improved health outcomes as well as reducing waste and inefficiency in the health system. Australia chose to pursue a personally...