Kylie Woolcock

Briefing paper

Transforming the health system for sustainability: environmental leadership through a value-based health care strategy

Health systems are at the forefront of responding to the impacts of climate change. This paper argues that this will require strong leadership within the health sector, supported by innovative, evidence-based and practice informed strategies that support the sustainability of a healthy Australia.
Briefing paper

Value based health care: setting the scene for Australia

A value-based approach to health care provides a patient-centric way to design and manage health systems. This briefing paper considers Australia’s alignment with a value-based approach and identifies important enablers that are already present, but outside a coordinated national strategy.
Briefing paper

Health care homes: principles and enablers for their implementation in Australia

The rising prevalence of chronic disease requires a concerted focus to better integrate care and to achieve better health outcomes and greater system efficiencies. Achieving and evaluating these improved patient outcomes and system efficiencies will take both time and investment, and will challenge existing models...