Department of Agriculture (Australia)


Farmer guide to the Dairy Code of Conduct

The Australian government is supporting the dairy industry by implementing clearer and enforceable rules about the conduct of business relationships between farmers and the first purchasers of milk (generally processors). This guide helps farmers better understand the code and how it will affect their business.
Briefing paper

The effects of drought and climate variability on Australian farms

The current drought has renewed longstanding discussions around the emerging effects of climate change on agriculture, and how governments can best help manage climate risk. This publication provides some insight into the issues involved.

Drought in Australia

Drought is an enduring feature of the Australian climate. It is a recurring and challenging experience for farmers and rural communities.The Australian government wants local farmers to continue to be successful and to maintain their competitive advantage.
Discussion paper

Middle East sheep exports policy options discussion paper

The Department of Agriculture is conducting a Regulation Impact Statement (RIS) process to analyse the economic and regulatory impacts of policy options for the future regulation of live sheep exports to, or through, the Middle East. This discussion paper outlines some initial policy option ideas.
Discussion paper

Modernising the Research and Development Corporation system: discussion paper

A thriving agricultural sector underpins the future success of our regional communities and national economy and depends on our farmers getting strong returns at the farm gate. Innovation is key to achieving productivity growth at the farm level. However many of the small producers and...