Senate Community Affairs References Committee

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Accountability and justice: why we need a Royal Commission into Robodebt

The Income Compliance Program impacted hundreds of thousands of people and, for many, resulted in devastating emotional and psychological harm. It has undermined many people's financial security, as well as their willingness to engage with and trust government services. This inquiry report recommends that the...

Provision of general practitioner and related primary health services to outer metropolitan, rural, and regional Australians: interim report

This interim inquiry report recommends that the Australian government further investigates the provision and distribution of general practitioners in rural and regional Australia, and that the Department of Health should develop benchmarks for the optimal distribution of primary health professionals.

Administration of registration and notifications by the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency and related entities under the Health Practitioner Regulation National Law

This inquiry report focuses on ongoing and emerging issues experienced by health practitioners and notifiers with registrations and notifications, what has been done to address these issues by AHPRA, the national boards, and related regulatory bodies, and what more can be done to improve processes...

Purpose, intent and adequacy of the Disability Support Pension

At the heart of this inquiry is the inaccessibility of the Disability Support Pension (DSP). People have difficulty demonstrating that their disability, or chronic illness, is permanent and sufficiently severe, and that they have a continuing inability to work. For those unable to demonstrate that...

Investigations into a possible cancer cluster on the Bellarine Peninsula, Victoria

This inquiry was initiated to respond to community concerns about the possibility of a cancer cluster or auto-immune disease cluster on the Bellarine Peninsula, and to explore any potential links between these diseases and certain chemicals that were historically used for mosquito control in the...