UNICEF Australia


Integrating child rights across the ASX

This report shows there is an overwhelming lack of attention being given by Australian companies on the impacts their business has on children, with less than 1% having a specific commitment to respecting children’s rights further than just child labour.
Policy report

Building better business for children

This report recommends that the Australian Government adopt a National Action Plan on Business and Human Rights, and has suggested ten clear areas where children would benefit from reform.

A climate for change: 2019 Young Ambassador report

This report highlights the issues which are of most concern to Australian children and young people broadly under the banners of wellbeing, safety, learning, equality and the environment. One of the most consistent issues raised, however, was that of climate change.

At what cost?

This report explores the human, economic and strategic cost of Australia’s current policies which seek to deter asylum seekers from migrating to Australia by sea. It examines the impact of these policies in a domestic, regional and global setting, and provides a set of alternatives...