Australian Research Alliance for Children and Youth


The first thousand days: a case for investment

This paper, and the work of the Strong Foundations Partnership in general, is designed to bring a new level of rigour to policy setting and investments in Australia’s children and young people, most particularly, by focusing not just on effectiveness for the child, but value...

To have and to have not: measuring child deprivation and opportunity in Australia

This report, based on longitudinal data, analyses the level of deprivation and wellbeing experienced by Australian children, with particular reference to those living with disability, those living in monetary poverty, and those living in jobless families.

Report card 2018: the wellbeing of young Australians

ARACY has released their third Report Card, updating previous editions released in 2013 and 2008. It uses the latest available data, from a range of sources, across a range of indicators.

The first thousand days: an evidence paper

This research paper highlights the astonishing rates of child development from conception to the end of age two and the benefits of a holistic approach to children’s health.

Good beginnings: getting it right in the early years

This publication is a compendium of three papers commissioned as part of the Stewardship Dialogues for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health, a project of the Lowitja Institute. The first two were written to inform the discussion during the Stewardship Dialogues and the third was...