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To have and to have not: measuring child deprivation and opportunity in Australia

Poverty Child poverty Child development Stress in children Early childhood education Education equity Australia

These reports (a full report and a summary report) present analysis using an index of deprivation for children in Australia, developed by Australian Research Alliance for Children and Youth using The Nest framework and the Longitudinal Study of Australian Children. The Nest is Australia’s first evidence-based wellbeing framework for children and youth covering all areas of wellbeing for ages 0–24 years.

The study measured deprivation and opportunity among Australian children, and examines outcomes when they were aged 6–7 in 2010, 8–9 in 2012, and 10–11 in 2014.

Researchers also investigated how three specific groups of children (those living with disability, those living in monetary poverty, and those living in jobless families) tend to face multiple, complex, and deeper levels of deprivation when compared to their peers.

The report concludes with six recommendations to increase opportunity for Australian children.

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