Local Government New Zealand


Policy, regulatory and market resources to create affordable housing

This report provides further information in relation to a list of policy, regulatory and market tools developed to assist territorial authorities who may wish to stimulate the supply of affordable housing within their jurisdictions.

Planning our future: 8 point programme for a future-focused resource management system

This document is an eight point programme of action designed to address a range of important issues with New Zealand's resource management system with the aim of furthering discussion about what would best suit the country's needs in the coming decade. Local Government New Zealand...

Local Government Excellence Programme prospectus – overview

The 2015 New Zealand Local Government Survey found residents and businesses had a low awareness of the full services councils provide and the value they bring. There was low opinion of councils in the areas that matter most to people: Governance, leadership and strategy, Financial...
Journal article

Decentralisation: does the New Zealand local government system measure up?

Decentralisation continues to be well received as a strategy for improving the governance of countries and delivering more responsive and efficient services. Cheerleaders include multilateral agencies like the World Bank and developed countries, like England, which seek to reverse years of centralisation. Evaluating the effectiveness...