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Innovation and Science Australia

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Stimulating business investment in innovation

This report makes four strategic recommendations and also provides examples of government and industry led initiatives that might be considered to stimulate increased investment in innovation to boost business productivity, increase business revenue and deliver more jobs.

Australian business investment in innovation: levels, trends, and drivers

This report provides a quantitative baseline for Australian business investment in innovation based on available data. It analyses trends, drivers and opportunities by sector and firm size. It also asks strategic questions of policymakers to accelerate investment.

Policy directions to increase business investment in innovation

This report provides qualitative analysis and findings from workshops across the country. The workshops used human-centred design to understand the barriers and drivers to Australian businesses innovation investment.

Australia 2030: Prosperity through innovation

This strategy document aims to contribute to the wellbeing and prosperity of all Australians by strengthening Australia's innovation performance to become a leading innovation nation.

Performance review of the Australian innovation, science and research system: 2016

Innovation and Science Australia has released the Performance Review of the Australian Innovation, Science and Research System 2016. The review examines the system's strengths and weaknesses and establishes a performance scorecard for tracking progress into the future. Whilst Australia enjoys an enviable level of broad-based...