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Australia’s new regional context: Pacific Island futures and air power possibilities

This paper argues that emerging aerospace technologies, human security constructs and different organisational concepts could combine to enhance Australia’s Pacific Step Up strategy in the future.
Working paper

Australia’s Antarctic national air power futures

This paper examines Antarctica today including recent Chinese, Indian and Russian activities in the East Antarctic region that Australia asserts sovereignty over. It also focuses on Australia’s national interests, current air operations and development intentions.
Working paper

Prototype warfare, innovation and the fourth industrial age

The fourth industrial revolution involves the continuous and cyclical flow of information and actions between the physical and digital worlds. This revolution can potentially create a hyper-connected defence-industry-research-academia ecosystem able to continually innovate.

Tomorrow's wars: insights from our four alternative futures

The development of modern air power is faced with a fundamental challenge, since the future is uncertain and air forces need a long lead-time to build. Much effort and significant resources could be expended, with no assurance that an air force so built will be...

Algorithmic warfare: applying artificial intelligence to warfighting

Artificial intelligence technologies will disrupt warfighters and warfighting, ushering in algorithmic warfare and irrevocably changing our operational art and the character of war.