Australasian Centre for Corporate Responsibility


Facts over fiction: debunking gas industry spin

For decades, the Australian liquefied natural gas (LNG) industry has claimed that gas is clean, affordable and compatible with global decarbonisation goals. This report has been prepared to rebut the LNG industry’s claims with reputable data, analysis and insights.

Gender pay equity and Australian listed companies

Gender pay equity is achieved when women and men receive equal pay for work of equal or comparable value. A disparity between women and men’s pay is often referred to as the ‘gender pay gap’ or ‘gender pay inequity’. The gender pay gap refers to...

Human rights and Australian listed companies

In 2017, ACCR identified human rights as a key issue for research. Together with the Centre for Australian Ethical Research (CAER), ACCR has produced this detailed benchmark report, examining the performance of Australian listed companies with regards to how they manage human rights risks.

Corporate political expenditure in Australia

This report looks at what shareholders and the public know about corporate political expenditure in Australia.