Howard Pender


Human rights and Australian listed companies

In 2017, ACCR identified human rights as a key issue for research. Together with the Centre for Australian Ethical Research (CAER), ACCR has produced this detailed benchmark report, examining the performance of Australian listed companies with regards to how they manage human rights risks.

Corporate political expenditure in Australia

The ACCR's new report, ‘Corporate political expenditure in Australia,’ looks at what shareholders and the public know about corporate political expenditure in Australia. We find that the answer is very little. Shareholders would be shocked to find that if they knew that some resource companies...

Public policy, complexity and rulebase technology

A recent audit of accuracy at Centrelink revealed that an estimated one million mistakes had been made by the agency over a four-month period - an example of how burgeoning complexity has caused a deterioration in accuracy. Howard Pender describes the forms complexity takes, examines...