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A national Aboriginal health strategy

At a meeting in December 1987, State and Territory Ministers for Aboriginal Affairs and Health agreed to the establishment of the National Aboriginal Health Strategy Working Party. The report summarises the work completed and includes summaries, written submissions and extracts from the extensive consultation process...

Bringing the market to bear on research

The purpose of this report is to examine why Australia has a poor record of exploiting the commercial benefits of research and to suggest ways of gaining more economic benefit from Australian research.

Young people's participation in post-compulsory education and training

This 1991 report, commonly termed the 'Finn Review', resulted in the establishment of local industry vocational training for young people.

Royal Commission on Human Relationships

This controversial Royal Commission from the 1970s found that many Australian families were failing to protect their most valuable members, and helped change the shape of public discussion around families, gender and sexuality.

Report of the Independent Inquiry into the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation

The CSIRO is a research organisation with a number of outstanding successes over the last fifty years. Nevertheless, it exists to serve the interests of the community, rather than those of the scientists in it, and must not be allowed to lose touch with community...