Report of the Independent Inquiry into the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation

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To examine, report and make recommendations on:

(1) the objectives of the Organization and the relevance to the present and future requirements of Australia of its functions as set out in the Science and Industry Research Act (1949).

(2) the extent to which the current research program objectives and the emphases given them accord with the objectives recommended for the Organization.

(3) existing arrangements and procedures for meeting recommended objectives and discharging recommended functions, with particular emphasis on:

(i) the size and diversity of the Organization, its organisational and management structure, policies for the employment of staff and the role of consultative and advisory machinery,

(ii) the relationship of the Organization with Government agencies, industry, tertiary institutions, research institutes and with users of research results,

(iii) the methods for selecting, reviewing, reporting on, and re-ordering research programs, including the effect of the differing sources of funds,

(iv) the assessment of results achieved in the light of resources employed,

(v) the processes involved in the implementation of research results,

(vi) the role of the Organization in Australia's international scientific relationships.

(4) the extent to which and the means by which programs of the Organization could attract revenue both to support the conduct of ongoing or intended research and also in return for results achieved in research.

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