Australian Institute of Superannuation Trustees


Indigenous super summit 2019: report

Against the background of last year’s Royal Commission into Misconduct in the Banking, Superannuation and the Financial Services Industry, the third Indigenous Super Summit provided a timely opportunity for the industry to come together to examine progress to date on lifting standards of superannuation service...

Serious failures in superannuation governance and critical omissions in superannuation regulation

This report shows how regulatory carve outs given to the for-profit super sector have resulted in serious omissions and exemptions in superannuation reforms that have impacted badly on the interests of super fund members.

No place like home: the impact of declining home ownership on retirement

Australia’s retirement income system has long implicitly taken it for granted that the vast majority of retired people will have very low housing costs – in turn reflecting a presumption that most of them will own their own homes, and will have fully paid down...