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Saul Eslake


Reforming Tasmania’s state tax system: some options

This report explores tax reform possibilities for Tasmania, as it emerges from the COVID-19 pandemic and recession.

No place like home: the impact of declining home ownership on retirement

Australia’s retirement income system has long implicitly taken it for granted that the vast majority of retired people will have very low housing costs – in turn reflecting a presumption that most of them will own their own homes, and will have fully paid down...

Australia's tax reform challenge

An assessment of Australia's the strengths and weaknesses of taxation system. Adam Smith said that a good taxation system should be equitable between taxpayers, certain in its impact on each of them, simple to comply with and parsimonious in its administration costs. Sadly, the Australian...

The resources boom, structural change and 'closing the gap'

Australia's mining boom heralds an unprecedented opportunity to establish a sovereign wealth fund that can be used to help eliminate indigenous disadvantage. Australia is experiencing what may be the largest and longest commodities boom in its history. Through a sovereign wealth fund built on budget...

Productivity - the lost decade

Australian workers increased their productivity far less in the past decade than in the previous one. They are also increasingly less productive than workers in most comparable countries. Since rising productivity is vital to a strong economy, the problem is serious, even if its consequences...