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The human rights roadmap: 40 ways to operationalise human rights in Victoria's mental health and wellbeing system

This report provides a suite of pragmatic recommendations that are intended to ensure that Victoria’s current and future mental health and wellbeing systems are based on a commitment to promote and uphold human rights, and to focus on the promotion of good mental health and...

The Northern Territory Intervention: an evaluation

Indigenous incarceration rates in the Northern Territory have shown no improvement since the NT Intervention over a decade ago, this analysis by Monash University’s Castan Centre for Human Rights Law has found.

Improving educational outcomes for children with a disability in Victoria

Victorian children with a disability continue to experience discrimination, exclusion and disadvantage in mainstream government schools, according to this report.

Castan Centre human rights report 2015

Summarises some key human rights issues facing Australia and the world in 2015. Foreword Since our inaugural Castan Centre Human Rights Report last April, it has felt as if the number of human rights issues facing people around the world is overwhelming. The Castan Centre...

Castan human rights report 2014

This report provides human rights perspectives on issues such as asylum seekers, LGBTI rights, Indigenous rights and the federal government's hot-button issue of "freedom". Foreword In this report, which is a first for the Castan Centre, you will find fresh perspectives on many important topics...