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Centre for Strategic Economic Studies

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The resources boom and economic policy in the long run

This paper explores the implications and policy issues arising as the mining boom passes through three phases. It puts forward essential elements of economic outcomes and needed policy responses as the mining boom runs its course.

Economic and social returns on investment in open archiving publicly funded research outputs

The Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition (SPARC) provided support for this feasibility study, which outlines one possible approach to measuring the impacts of the proposed US Federal Research Public Access Act (FRPAA) on returns to public investment in R&D. The aim is to define...

Updating Melbourne's west

This report documents the continuing growth and transition of the Western Region of metropolitan Melbourne identified in the 2004 report by the Centre for Strategic Economic Studies. It follows a number of reports about the Region, in each of which strategies that seek to better...

Technologies for alternative energy

Alternative energy comprises renewable sources of energy (hydro; biomass; wind; geothermal; solar, which includes [concentrating solar power]; and ocean sources, comprising tidal, wave, marine currents, ocean thermal energy and tapping the salt gradient), nuclear power, and waste. The use of renewable sources of energy can...

Technologies for reducing non-energy-related emissions

Among the sources of non-energy GHG emissions from the advanced economies, agriculture is the largest, followed by waste and industrial processes. Gross nonenergy emissions are estimated to be 15.4% of all GHG emissions from the advanced economies in 2010 writes Ainsley Jolley in Climate Change...