Bob Gregory


The resources boom and economic policy in the long run

This paper explores the implications and policy issues arising as the mining boom passes through three phases. It puts forward essential elements of economic outcomes and needed policy responses as the mining boom runs its course.
Discussion paper

Living standards, terms of trade and foreign ownership: reflections on the Australian mining boom

Australia is experiencing its largest mining boom for more than a century and a half. This paper explores, from a national perspective, important economic differences that arise when a mining boom, such as the current one, is generated by sustained export price increases (trading gains)...
Discussion paper

"The power of simple theory and important facts" A conversation with Bob Gregory

Bob Gregory contrasts ‘the presuppositions of Royal Parade’ of 1950 Melbourne with the present outlook of himself and Australia at large. He outlines the evolution of his methodological position from the University of Melbourne student to the Canberra policy advisor, and defends that position from...

A Longer Run Perspective on Australian Unemployment

Bob Gregory argues that unemployment has been at unacceptable levels for at least the last twenty five years and is probably Australia's most serious economic and social problem.