Peter Sheehan


The resources boom and economic policy in the long run

This paper explores the implications and policy issues arising as the mining boom passes through three phases. It puts forward essential elements of economic outcomes and needed policy responses as the mining boom runs its course.

Economic and social returns on investment in open archiving publicly funded research outputs

The Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition (SPARC) provided support for this feasibility study, which outlines one possible approach to measuring the impacts of the proposed US Federal Research Public Access Act (FRPAA) on returns to public investment in R&D. The aim is to define...

Economic implications of alternative scholarly publishing models: Exploring the costs and benefits

The aim of this project was to examine the costs and benefits of three alternative models for scholarly publishing - subscription publishing, open access publishing and self-archiving. The project involved two major phases: • Phase I: Identification of costs and benefits – sought to describe...

The economic impact of enhanced access to research findings

The environment in which research is being conducted and disseminated is undergoing profound change, with new technologies offering new opportunities, changing research practices demanding new capabilities, and increased focus on research performance. A key question facing us today is, are there new opportunities and new...
Briefing paper

A primer on the knowledge economy

This primer is intended as a brief guide to the Knowledge Economy for people in business and government who need a succinct summary of its major features and implications. It has been prepared by Professors John Houghton and Peter Sheehan of Victoria University's Centre for...