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Charles Darwin University

Journal article

How does the area of law predict the prospects of harmonisation?

This study is based on an empirical examination of 84 sets of uniform Acts and finds that specific areas of the law could be susceptible to higher or lower levels of uniformity. Legislation in commercial and corporate law, government, and energy and resources has been...

End-of-life management of solar PV panels

This project provides insights into the current policy environment and practices, identifies barriers and challenges associated with managing solar PV waste, and provides a robust evidence base regarding the current and future solar waste trajectories in the Northern Territory.
Journal article

Referred, applied and mirror legislation as primary structures of national uniform legislation

This article provides an analysis of national uniform legislation and offers a classification figure as a practical evaluation tool for policy-makers, legislative drafters and legal practitioners when working through inherent ambiguity and complexity surrounding national uniform legislation.

Ready for work: stories of innovative vocational education and training for regional and remote Indigenous students at Charles Darwin University

This report provides a series of case studies of Vocational Education and Training (VET) programs at Charles Darwin University (CDU) that are recognised for delivering positive outcomes for regional and remote Indigenous students in the Northern Territory (NT).