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Benefits of high-speed broadband for Australian households

This report from Deloitte Access Economics examines the benefits to households of high speed broadband in 2020 when the use of digital tools will be widespread across the economy. Deloitte assessed potential household benefits in the areas of communications; e-commerce; e-health; online education; e-government services...

Advancing Australia as a digital economy: an update to the national digital economy strategy

The Government’s 2011 National Digital Economy Strategy (the 2011 NDES) set the goal of Australia becoming a leading digital economy by 2020. In doing so, it nominated eight goals to position Australia as a world leader in broadband connectivity and the use of digital technologies...

Inquiry to learn lessons from the Warrnambool exchange fire: report

This report outlines the lessons learnt from the Telstra Warrnambool exchange fire on 22 November 2012, and suggests a number of responses. The Warrnambool exchange fire highlighted the critical role telecommunications plays in the day-to-day lives of Australians and the significant economic and social implications...

NBN enabled telework: The economic and social impact on labour force participation

This report investigates the degree to which participation in the labour force may increase with the rollout of the National Broadband Network (NBN) and the increased telework opportunities it will provide. This study involved qualitative and quantitative research, leading to economic modelling to estimate the...