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Garnaut Climate Change Review

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The Garnaut Review 2011: Australia in the global response to climate change

This 2011 update of significant elements of the 2008 Garnaut Climate Change Review considers elements of the original review where changes or improvements in expert knowledge could have significant implications for the key findings and recommendations for future climate change policy.

Low emissions technology and the innovation challenge

Key points The cost of effective global and Australian mitigation will be materially lower if opportunities for innovation in low-emissions technologies are fully utilised. There is too little private investment in innovation generally in the absence of public fiscal support. The urgency of the adjustment...

Update paper 2: progress towards effective global action on climate change

The Copenhagen and Cancun meetings have led us into a messy world in relation to the setting of each country‘s ambitions on emissions reductions, but this paper argues they may have laid a basis for the comprehensive and binding international agreement that is still necessary...

Weighing the costs and benefits of climate change action

In this first update paper since the 2008 Garnaut Climate Change Review, five issues that have been the subject of criticism are addressed and largely refuted. Summary of key points The 2008 Garnaut Climate Change Review argued that it is neither rational nor helpful for...

The Garnaut climate change review: final report

The costs of Australia playing its proportionate part in an effective global effort are manageable, according to this report.