Murdoch University

Policy report

Supporting economic growth in uncertain times

This report recommends that the Australian government should allow Temporary Protection visa (TPV) and Safe Haven Enterprise visa (SHEV) holders to access a simplified residency pathway.

Birthing on Noongar Boodjar: project recommendations

The recommendations in this paper are aimed at enabling health services to maximise their effectiveness in providing services to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women, babies and their families during pregnancy and childbirth.

Trauma, depression, hopelessness – will going to the US heal refugee pain?

The one-off deal brokered by Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and his Minister for Immigration and Border Protection Peter Dutton, for the resettlement of refugees on Manus Island and Nauru to the United States has the potential to go a long way to finally giving these...

Western Australia and the evolving regional order: challenges and opportunities

Executive Summary: 21st century Asia is a powerhouse in the contemporary global economy. In a short period of time it has closed the development gap between the Region and the rest of the world. All indications suggest that this growth performance will continue into the...

A whole-school approach to technological literacy: mobile learning and the iPhone

Mobile learning is not pervasive in higher education and yet its potential is enormous. This paper describes a project to instigate mobile learning using technological literacy and professional learning among academic staff. Mobile learning is not pervasive in higher education and yet its potential is...