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The Pacific workforce and the impact of COVID-19

This study investigates the impact of COVID-19 (COVID) on the labour market disparities between Pasifika and New Zealand European (NZ European). The researchers sought to understand whether COVID amplified ethnic disparities in job accession and benefit dependence, job and wage mobility and job separation.

Ethnic differences in the use and experience of child healthcare services in NZ

This research explored the underlying mechanisms behind ethnic differences in the use and experience of child healthcare services via econometric approaches.

In-work poverty in New Zealand 2019

This report examines the prevalence of and characteristics associated with, in-work poverty in New Zealand.
Working paper

Parenthood and labour market outcomes

This paper is an initial exploration of what we can learn regarding the drivers of the gender pay gap in New Zealand from combining administrative wage data, birth records, and survey data on hours worked and earnings.

Scoping the costs of homelessness in New Zealand

There are two components to this study. Firstly, the relevant international literature is reviewed, with a focus on the different methods and measures used when quantifying the economic cost of homelessness. Secondly, the authors investigate the availability of data necessary for constructing an appropriate cost...