Parliament of the United Kingdom



This document is the result of a major inquiry into threat that Russia poses to the United Kingdom (Cyber; Disinformation and Influence; and Russian Expatriates). The investigation included a number of evidence sessions with a broad range of witnesses over the course of eight months...

Responding to irregular migration: a diplomatic route

The tragic deaths of 39 people in a container in Essex should be a wake-up call for the UK Government to reassess its approach to irregular migration, according to this parliamentary committee report.

Pavement parking

This report looks into what the UK Government can do to address pedestrian safety issues associated with pavement parking.

UK progress on the Sustainable Development Goals: the Voluntary National Review

This report by United Kingdom's International Development Committee identifies failings in the preparation and presentation of UK’s first Voluntary National Review of progress towards the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals.

The future of seaside towns

Many UK seaside towns that emerged as leisure and pleasure resorts in the nineteenth century have since fallen into neglect. This report argues that reinvention is possible, but attention must be paid to youth employment and training, housing, and economic development, with support from local...