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From the summary:

Seaside towns, by which we principally mean coastal settlements that emerged as leisure and pleasure resorts in the nineteenth century, have been neglected for too long. They should once again be celebrated as places that can provide attractive environments for residents and visitors alike.

Seaside towns do suffer from a set of issues that have their roots in the decline of their core industries. Domestic tourism is the iconic example, but fishing, shipbuilding and port activities have all been in long term decline. What makes these areas distinct is the combination of industrial decline and geography. Their location on the periphery of the country places them on the periphery of the economy, bringing consequential social problems. This combination of challenges warrants dedicated attention and support.

We acknowledge that seaside towns are in different stages of evolution, with variations in factors such as levels of local leadership, governance structures, resources and infrastructure. Our recommendations reflect this, avoiding ‘onesize fits all’ solutions.

APO Editor's note

The government's response was published on 4 June 2019 and can be viewed here:

Government response to the Report of Session 2017-19 of House of Lords’ Regenerating Seaside Towns and Communities Select Committee, on the future of seaside towns


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Report of Session 2017–19
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