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Fact Check: Has legalising same-sex marriage in the UK had consequences for the school curriculum?

Vice President of the Federal Liberal Party, Karina Okotel claims legalising same-sex marriage in England has had an impact on the school curriculum.

Parliament’s role in the coronavirus crisis

The UK government’s move to return the Commons to its usual ways of working when it returns from recess, is deeply concerning. This report warns that abandoning virtual proceedings from 2 June will reduce parliament’s ability to scrutinise the government.
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Inside the black box: the public finances after coronavirus

The global COVID-19 pandemic has required unprecedented government action at an unprecedented pace. It is vital that policymakers act to slow the spread of the virus, protect people's livelihoods and ensure the economic recovery delivers both prosperity and justice for the long term. This discussion...

How to keep up social distancing after lockdown

Discussing a behavioural survey in the UK in early April which assessed why people were or were not complying with Covid-19 lockdown measures, this article argues that effective mitigation relies on intrinsic motivation and people’s individual decisions to comply with social distancing measures.

Discrete costing versus collaborative costing

The UK construction industry has witnessed a recent shift towards integrated and collaborative approaches. Such collaborative efforts include the use of integrated systems like BIM, lean and innovative procurement options which are now reshaping project delivery systems. However, in the UK, most efforts have focused...
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Performance measurement in the UK construction industry and its role in supporting the application of lean construction concepts

Performance measurement has received substantial attention from researchers and the construction industry over the past two decades. This study sought to assess UK practitioners' awareness of the importance of the use of appropriate performance measures and its role in supporting the application of Lean Construction...

What is lean construction and should you adopt it?

In a nutshell, lean construction is a team-led effort that, when successfully implemented and sustained, provides the means for workers to become more efficient and improve the quality of their work.
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Empirical study on the influence of procurement methods on last planner system implementation

Previous studies have examined various factors that influence the implementation of the Last Planner System (LPS) in construction projects. However, there is limited documented evidence on the influence of procurement methods on the implementation of the LPS. The aim of this study, therefore; is to...
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Continuous improvement cells in the highways sector

In line with its performance improvement and Lean Construction agenda, the highways supply chain in the UK has commenced many Continuous Improvement (CI) cells in recent years. The CI cell is a small-group work coordination and improvement technique that is frequently used in many industries...

Who wins and who pays? Rentier power and the Covid crisis

This analysis of recent UK economic support measures suggests that the crisis will exacerbate inequalities between the working poor and the asset-owning wealthy.