Policy report

Coronavirus hotel quarantine: key questions for the government

The UK government is finalising arrangements for a partial hotel quarantine system to begin on 15 February 2021. This paper outlines those gaps and challenges, posing a series of questions the government must answer if it wants its quarantine system to be a success.

The heart of the problem: a weak centre is undermining the UK government

Prime Ministers of the United Kingdom are powerful. But the administrative support they receive is limited, meaning that the exercise of that power is not as effective as it should be. This paper argues that the prime minister’s job is made harder because the symbiotic...

Beyond the hostile environment

This report assess six different policy options for addressing the adverse impacts of the hostile environment on individuals and communities, and for reforming the current system of immigration enforcement in the United Kingdom.

Access denied: the human impact of the hostile environment

This report assess the impacts of the hostile environment on individuals and communities. It finds that it has contributed to forcing many people into destitution, has helped to foster racism and discrimination, and has erroneously affected people with the legal right to live and work...
Policy report

Accountable lawmaking

This policy brief analyses trends in the working and monitoring of delegated legislation in Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom during the pandemic. It focuses on how the pandemic has affected parliamentary oversight of executive actions and assesses how institutional responses have conformed to...

Managing the UK's relationship with the European Union

Now the United Kingdom has left the European Union (EU), the government needs to work out how it will organise itself to manage its relationship with its largest trading partner. This paper sets out the framework provided by the agreements with the EU, looks at...

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the charitable sector, and its prospects for recovery

This report finds that the COVID-19 crisis will decimate the charity sector in the United Kingdom unless the government takes urgent action.

Jisc research and innovation sector strategy 2021-2023

This research and innovation sector strategy sets out how Jisc will continue to support the sector over the next two years, empowering researchers and research consortia in developing fundamental, applied and practice-based research and translating it into knowledge exchange, and economic and social impact.
Briefing paper

Coronavirus: no going back to normal

Life after coronavirus will not feel like life before. In this paper, the author argues that it is best that governments acknowledge that and start planning now in order to capture the best that can come out of a very tough period, while not raising...
Journal article

Biased perceptions and personality traits attribution: cognitive aspects in future interventions for organizations

The purpose of this study was to determine whether stereotyped perceptions impact the job representation of males and females in the construction Industry, which is a particularly male-dominated work sector.