Ian Ramsay


What 1,100 Australians told us about the experience of living with debt they can’t repay

Financial hardship can affect almost anyone. However, severe and ongoing debt problems are an inevitability for Australians whose incomes are simply too low to meet the cost of living.
Journal article

Misfortune or misdeed: an empirical study of public attitudes towards personal bankruptcy

This article describes the first scholarly empirical study of public attitudes tobankruptcy to be conducted in any jurisdiction.

Phoenix activity: recommendations on detection, disruption and enforcement

The aim of this report is to minimise the significant damage that is being done to the Australian economy by harmful phoenix activity without unduly inhibiting legitimate business rescues and beneficial entrepreneurialism.

Review of the financial system external dispute resolution and complaints framework: interim report

The Review Panel’s Terms of Reference require it to examine whether changes to the current external dispute resolution (EDR) framework in the financial sector are needed to deliver effective outcomes for users in a rapidly changing and dynamic financial system. As the impact of financial...

Superannuation knowledge, behaviour and attitudes in young adults in Australia

This report presents the results of a study examining superannuation knowledge, behaviour and attitudes in 994 young adult superannuation fund members (25-34 years old) in Australia. Respondents completed a 75 question online survey instrument which included questions on demographics and superannuation knowledge, behaviour and attitudes...