Claire Barbato


Why Australians will never be prosperous

Despite being well off by any objective standards, most Australians believe that their incomes are inadequate to meet their needs. A Newspoll survey for the Institute found that 62 per cent of Australians, including 48 per cent of the richest 20 per cent, believe that...

How big should Canberra be?

This question is rarely posed in Canberra because almost all of the voices heard in public suggest that more growth must be a good thing. The recent debate in the local media about how the government should respond to the slowing of Canberra's growth rate...

Off to work: commuting in Australia

Over nine million Australians travel to work each week, commuting by car, bus, train, tram, bicycle, ferry or foot. These days, more than ever before, employees are commuting for longer, in traffic that is more congested, to reach workplaces that are further away. Using data...

Stakeholder requirements for enabling regulatory arrangements for community housing in Australia

Both Commonwealth and state governments are committed to growing the community housing sector as an independent, complementary social housing system. This will require new investment, new partnerships and an increased capacity to manage more flexibly. A major obstacle to these objectives is the lack of...

How does community housing help strengthen communities?

What approaches are currently being pursued in Australia by community housing providers as lead agencies to strengthen communities? This is the primary research question this project examines. In doing this it aims to provide a better basis for understanding the contribution that community housing can...