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John Cleary

Conference paper

Reaping the rewards of production tracking

Traditionally, project controls translate to 'monitoring results'. In a true lean project, it is redefined as 'making things happen', with a measured and improved planning process to assure reliable workflow and predictable project outcomes (Lean Construction Institute). By monitoring productivity, a Project Team can more...

Indigenous governance at the crossroads: the way forward

Current governance structures in remote Aboriginal communities are in urgent need of reform. In this paper, John Cleary argues that the Northern Territory Government’s plan for Regional Shires is a step in the right direction, but we must be very clear about what is not...

Lessons from the Tiwi Islands: the need for radical improvement in remote Aboriginal communities

John Cleary, former Tasmanian MP and minister, served three years as chief executive officer of the Tiwi Islands remote Aboriginal community. He has drawn on this experience to outline the need for change across all areas in remote Aboriginal communities: health, housing, education, employment and...