Briefing paper

Ministerial briefing paper on evidence of the likely impact on educational outcomes of vulnerable children learning at home during COVID-19

The purpose of this briefing paper is to provide evidence of the likely impact on educational outcomes for vulnerable children learning at home as a result of the COVID-19 response measures, and the merits of a range of delivery models.

NSW curriculum review: interim report

In May 2018, the NSW Government announced a comprehensive review of the New South Wales (NSW) school curriculum from Kindergarten to Year 12. This interim report of the review has been produced as a progress report and a basis for consultation on the broad directions...

Principal performance improvement tool

What is a highly effective school principal, and what do they do that makes them so effective? The Principal Performance Improvement Tool sets out to answer these questions. It provides a point of reference that principals can use to reflect on their current practices and...
Discussion paper

Five challenges in Australian school education

There is no shortage of challenges in school education. Some of the biggest challenges we face can appear frustratingly intractable. Despite reform efforts, regular government reviews and ongoing calls for change, progress in addressing our most significant challenges is often slow and solutions continue to...

School improvement on Australia’s horizon

While Australia has seen a steady decline in 15-year-olds’ reading literacy achievement over the past decade, Geoff Masters identifies promising signs at the primary level that this trend may soon be reversed. It is often possible to learn more about effective educational policies by studying...