John W. Toumbourou


Prevent crime and save money: Return-on-investment models in Australia

Finding effective ways to prevent crime is important. This project was designed to demonstrate the feasibility of combining data from a 12-year Australian longitudinal study with prevention strategy investment data, to estimate potential returns, including a reduction in intimate partner violence and prison entry.

Strengthening prevention and early intervention services for families into the future

This report argues for coordinated strategies to increase family-based prevention and early intervention services in Australia. Existing policies do not seek to involve the family and relationship sector in prevention and early intervention, but there is potential for cost effectiveness and efficiency if government invests...
Literature review

Are libraries effective settings for accessing health information?

This Sax Institute Evidence Check review examined evidence of the effectiveness of using public libraries as settings for health promotion and health education programs. Although very few such programs have been evaluated and reported in the literature, there is evidence that it is feasible to...
Literature review

Evidence check: the effects of online brief interventions for the prevention and treatment of methamphetamine use

This review examined the evidence for the effectiveness of online brief interventions (BIs) to reduce youth methamphetamine use. It found promising but inconclusive evidence that online BIs may be a useful tool in preventing initiation of illicit drug use among youth, including amphetamine-type drug use...

Violent and antisocial behaviours among young adolescents in Australian communities

This paper presents an analysis of factors associated with violent and antisocial behaviours among young Australians aged 10–14 years and examines the relationship between these behaviours and alcohol consumption. This paper was commissioned by the Australian Research Alliance for Children and Youth (ARACY) to inform...