Debra Wilkinson


The Australian government's solar PV rebate program

Government subsidies for residential solar photovoltaic (PV) energy systems are ineffective, costly and unfair, argues this research paper. The research, by Andrew Macintosh, Associate Director of the ANU Centre for Climate Law and Policy, and Deb Wilkinson, evaluated the outcomes from the Australian Government's decade-long...

Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act: an ongoing failure

The Federal Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act (EPBC Act) has failed to provide adequate protection for the environment and is currently a waste of taxpayers’ money argues Andrew Macintosh. The legislation has cost taxpayers somewhere between $72 million and $180 million to administer, but...

School Vouchers: An evaluation of their impact on education outcomes

A report by Andrew Macintosh and Deb Wilkinson on the likely impact of proposed school voucher schemes has found that they could adversely affect education outcomes and would be expensive to implement. For several years, conservative think tanks and their supporters have been campaigning for...

Why the Telstra agreement will haunt the National Party: lessons from the Democrats' GST deal

Andrew Macintosh and Debra Wilkinson argue that the deal agreed by the National Party in return for its support for the sale of Telstra is remarkably similar to the deal made between the Australian Democrats and the Howard government over the Goods and Services Tax...

Playing politics with the federal heritage regime

Deb Wilkinson and Andrew Macintosh consider the effectiveness and propriety of the Howard government's administration of the new federal heritage regime. In particular, they examine the way in which the government dealt with the nomination to include Sir Donald Bradman's birthplace on the National Heritage...