Sarah Prout


Aboriginal assets? The impact of major agreements associated with native title in Western Australia

Agreements negotiated under the regime created by the Native Title Act (1993) are often seen as having the potential to address disadvantage faced by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians and promote Aboriginal economic independence. This applies particularly to regional Western Australia, where remote communities...

Developing measures of population mobility amongst Indigenous primary school students

In the present era of evidence-based policy making in Indigenous affairs, where the monitoring and closure of socioeconomic gaps dominates the federal agenda, data have become paramount. Yet with regard to one of the cornerstones of the Labor government's 'Closing the Gaps' initiative-Indigenous education-the reliability...
Working paper

Indigenous temporary mobilities and service delivery in regional service centres

Indigenous Australians have often been described as highly mobile people--particularly in historical and remote ‘wilderness’ contexts. The literature paints a picture of regular, short-term population movement within and between desert, hinterland, and tropic regions of Australia, with significant implications for targeting and delivering a range...

Indigenous temporary mobility: An analysis of the 2006 Census snapshot

In this paper the authors present an analysis of census data as it relates to Indigenous temporary mobility and analyse the spatial and demographic complexities that underwrite them.

On the move? Indigenous temporary mobility practices in Australia

This paper draws together the disparate body of existing research regarding Indigenous temporary mobilities to build a more comprehensive picture of these population dynamics and their policy implications. A range of Indigenous population dynamics play out underneath the demographic picture that can be constructed from...