Anthony Scott

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The future of the medical workforce

This report focuses on the implications of the increase in the number of doctors and changes in workforce composition for several key areas: the extent and nature of competition in the medical sector; doctors’ earnings; the role of the private sector; and technological change, data...
Working paper

Getting doctors into the bush: General Practitioners' preferences for rural location

A key policy issue in many countries is the maldistribution of doctors across geographic areas, which has important effects on equity of access and health care costs. Many government programs and incentive schemes have been established to encourage doctors to practise in rural areas. However...
Journal article

Financial incentives and the health workforce

Changes to the remuneration of medical practitioners are currently being considered in Australia and this paper discusses financial incentives in healthcare markets and their effects on health professionals' behaviour.

What factors influence the earnings of GPs and medical specialists in Australia?

To date, there has been little data or empirical research on the determinants of doctors' earnings despite earnings having an important role in influencing the cost of health care, decisions on workforce participation and labour supply. This paper examines the determinants of annual earnings of...

The effect of financial incentives on quality of care: the case of diabetes

Australia introduced an incentive payment scheme for general practitioners to ensure systematic and high quality care in chronic disease management. There is little empirical evidence and ambiguous theoretical guidance on which effects to expect on the quality of care. This paper evaluates the impact of...