Julie Fry


Together alone: a review of joined-up social services

This report reviews the evidence around collaborative initiatives intended to reduce persistent disadvantage in Aotearoa New Zealand.
Briefing paper

The tale of Goldilocks and the three fears (about the minimum wage)

This article recommends that the New Zealand Government commission impartial research on a series of issues that continue to be raised in discussions of the minimum wage in New Zealand. The purpose of this research is to build an agreed fact base upon which debate...

Picking cherries: evidence on the effects of temporary and seasonal migrants on the New Zealand economy

This report looks at the evidence of the effects of migration policy on New Zealand’s top "frontier" firms.

Could do better: migration and New Zealand’s frontier firms

This report investigates how migration can help frontier firms stay at the top of the class and how immigration settings, more generally, might have been holding firms back. It looks at how changes in migration policy could influence firms in New Zealand to make greater...
Briefing paper

Immigration: doing the right thing for the right reasons

This paper examines the new New Zealand government’s proposals for immigration.